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Dana BOS At the 2018 CCRCA National!


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Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Champion!
4/27/2014 Swayze finishes her Championship!


CH SoftMaple N Flyway's Nobody puts Baby in a Corner RN, WC, CAT

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Friday, April 18, 2014


Canine Chronical Breed Standings are out for the first quarter.

#1 in Breed Standings is CH Softmaple Boot Scoot'N Dese owned by Sonia and Don Evans! way to go Don and Scooter!

#7 Breed Standings (#1 Female) is Dana, CH Softmaple's Sexy And I Know It BN, RN, CGC, CGN, WC

#16 is Ch Softmaple Green River WC- Lodi, owned by Natalie Donnelly

In All Breed Standings for Curlies, Dana is #3 CCR, Scooter is #4 Curly, and Lodi is #17 Curly.

Way to go kids!

danagroup2 001
Dana's Group 2 picture from Salt City Shows


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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Show News
3/27/2014 Dana Gets a Group Two at the Salt City Cluster!

3/30/2014 Dana is BOB for 2 select points, and Reilly is Winners Bitch for a point



3/16 Scooter is BOB in PA with a big entery of 16 curlies!

CH Soft Maple's Boot Scootin Dese


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Typical SoftMaple Curly Puppies 

Dana, a SoftMaple CurlyCoated Retriever  




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Home of the First Curly AKC NA, OA and AX.
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